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Injured Military Wildlife Project of North Dakota. 

Serving our Heroes! 

A Non-Profit Organization!

Glenn Gietzen is the founder of the Injured Military 
Wildlife Project of North Dakota (
IMWPND). Glenn Gietzen and others had legislation introduced in 2011 that eventually provided 10 deer licenses for the IMWPND.   These licenses are valid state-wide anytime during the deer bow season, usually from the first weekend in September through the first weekend in January.


The IMWP of ND is

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  Many injured vets no longer have the physical attributes nor can they make the connections necessary for a successful deer hunt. The IMWPND is hoping to change that. In the fall of 2011, our inaugural season, two injured vets were able to participate in deer hunts in western ND. In 2012, four young men had a chance to hunt deer and it has continued to grow each year since.  In 2014, six injured vets enjoyed a hunt with our organization. Then in 2016, IMWP was able to fill all 10 tags for the first time!

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2021 TRNP Elk culling program

The Injured Military Wildlife Project (IMWP) of North Dakota, in conjunction with the National Park Service, is asking for volunteers to assist with the culling of cow elk in the South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Volunteers must be honorably discharged veterans who were born in North Dakota. While a Purple Heart or duty-related injury is required to hunt deer through the IMWP, it is not required for this program.

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