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2014 Hunts

Dennis Eller, Tacoma, WA with his deer taken near Binford, ND at Baldhill Creek Adventures. Eller also bagged several pheasants while hunting.

Eller later wrote:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization with all my heart. The recent trip I took to George Berger’s outfitters ranch was one of the best experiences I’ ve had in my entire life.

Ever since my first deployment in 2004 to Baghdad, Iraq I’ve been wound up pretty tight. After three combat tours and several years of trying to get my life back on track since I got out in 2010, I’ve not had many opportunities to just relax and enjoy everything around me. You and George gave me that, and I can never repay you for that.

When George first picked me up at the airport he asked me a simple question, one that I hadn’t even thought of myself, “What is it I wanted out of this?” I know that he meant what size of deer did I want – but when I was faced with that actual question it made me realize that I wanted something far more important; so I answered him, “I just want a great experience”. And that is exactly what George and his friends gave me.



Driving through the farms and fields of eastern North Dakota was wonderful. Every hill and stream bed had a story and it made me imagine what it must have been like to ride a horse with the native tribes or with a cavalry troop during the 1800’s. Seeing all types of animals from deer, to pheasant, to grouse, and everything in between was one beautiful sight after another. I realize that George and his friends were working really hard to make sure that I punched my tag and got a deer but just being there was enough for me.

Since I’ve been out, I’ve been trying very hard to get my life back on track. I left the Army thinking that an Infantry Officer with Special Operations experience would have no trouble finding a job – but I was wrong. I’ve been going back to school, working, trying to be a good husband and father, and somewhere along the way simply forgot to ever stop and just enjoy what I have. I’ve been running for so long to forget the past and create a new future that I’d started missing out on the important parts of life. Your trip that you gave me allowed me to have those moments of peace in which I was able to reflect and realize that everything has happened for a reason and in the end I am a much better person for it.

 This year I was able to go and see many of my old soldiers once more for our 10-year reunion of our deployment. I have maintained contact with many of them since 2004, but this was one the few times in which a large group of us reunited in person. We have lost many of our brothers to combat or to their losing their own fight with PTSD and the things that we had to do. Many of my men would definitely benefit from your organization and many more would simply like to help out – as I would also like to do.

Please keep up the good work – what you and your organization are doing is one of the greatest things that I have ever been a part of and I hope that you all know how much your actions and deeds impact those whom you have helped. When you go to meet St. Peter he will not have to ask what you have done because many men before you will have already told him”.

Thank you.

R Dennis Eller

Erik Askerlund, Killdeer, ND with his deer harvested north of Dunn Center, ND.


Jory Buchweitz, Minot, ND with a nice buck harvested  north of Killdeer, ND.


Dane Steig, Minot, ND and his father, Dwight, with a nice deer taken north of Killdeer, ND.

From Dane’s wife, Heather, comes this note:

“Thank you for giving my husband the opportunity to hunt through your amazing program. I don’t think you guys know how much of a positive impact you have on our veterans. I, being the wife of a veteran, have seen such a positive impact what your program has done for my husband. He is still talking about how much of a great time he had as well as the amazing hospitality you guys showed him. I am so happy you picked him for this hunt that he will remember forever. Thank you again”.


Josh Weinland, Congress, TX shot this nice buck north of Killdeer, ND.


Ian Placek, Bismarck, ND with a nice deer he shot north of Killdeer, ND.