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2011 Hunts

Late October of 2011 saw the first hunt conducted by the Injured Military Wildlife Project of North Dakota. USMC Reconnaissance Sniper, Sgt. Sean DeBevoise, hunted for deer and pheasants in Southwestern ND under the guidance of Board members Roger Kadrmas, Glenn Gietzen, and Dan Dolechek. Sean’s father was able to accompany him on this trip. While Sean did not have venison to return home with, he nonetheless enjoyed his time afield:

“When I first heard I was offered a North Dakota mule deer hunt, I was estatic. But what happened when I was on the hunt in the vast Badlands was merely a vision of a dream. From the wild pheasants to the wild coyotes we’ve seen I have never seen so much natural beauty in all my outdoor experiences. The wilderness I saw and experienced firsthand is something I never would of thought been possible since my Combat injuries in Iraq. Even more impressive were the people who relentlessly made this happen with a natural sense of willingness. This is one great memory that my father and I can add to the scrapbook, and talk over indefinetly; of the good times we’ve had back at the hunting camp back home. I hope this letter expresses just a piece of what happiness this trip has offered my father and me. Thank you so much for making this happen. This is proof that there is no such thing as an unsuccessful hunt.”

USMC Reconnaissance Scout Sniper
Sergeant DeBevoise, Sean


Pictured above, Back row: Board members (L to R) Roger Kadrmas, Glenn Gietzen, Bill Schaller, Rachael Dolechek, Dan DolechekFront row: Sean DeBevoise and his father.

Dave Logosz, Dickinson, ND, is shown here with landowner Ted Kupper. Logosz harvested this mule deer buck on Kupper’s land with the aid of board member Glenn Gietzen in November of 2011.