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2020 Hunts


Lucas Kelly put a cap on our 2020 season with this great looking mule deer buck! Took it down to the wire with only a day remaining in the season! Great job Lucas! Thank you for your service !

Lucas Kelly

Eric Hinkeldey had a great hunt this weekend! He held off on 3 bucks that came out early, but this guy stepped out and he knew it was the one he wanted. Thank you for your service and for a fun weekend of hunting! Special thanks to Kurt Schirado and John Arman for coming along and capturing some great footage!


Matt Jameson, Bismarck, ND with his buck taken north of Killdeer.


Isaac Graham harvested this buck near the Little Missouri River north of Killdeer.


Jim Heimerl, Medina, MN with his deer taken north of Fryburg, ND.


Brandon Burguss, North Liberty, IA, with a muley in the Badlands.


Jacob Volk, Devils Lake, ND with a nice buck he harvested at Baldhill Creek Adventures near Binford, ND. George Berger, the owner/operator of Baldhill Creek Adventures, donates one hunt each year to our heroes.


David Lewis, Newark, OH, with this season’s first deer. Lewis also had a successful day fishing at Lake Tschida

d lewis