Faq’s Frequently asked questions


Who can apply?

Any military personnel or veteran who has been physically or mentally injured in the line of duty can apply for a deer hunt. Any North Dakota born veteran that has been honorably discharged from service may apply for the cow elk culling activity in TRNP.


What will my out of pocket expense be?

IMWP ND will cover 100% of the sponsored hunt to include transportation, lodging, meals, licensing and any additional expenses that may occur.


How will I be notified if I am chosen for a hunt?

IMWPND will contact you by phone.


Do you provide guns?

IMWP will not provide weapons or ammunition to the hunter.


How will my harvested animal be processed and will I be given the meat?

IMWPND will provide $300 for meat processing.


Will my trophy animal be mounted?

IMWPND will not cover taxidermy costs.